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back to the basics.

What does going "back to the basics" mean exactly? It basically means exposing the blueprints of a person.

Doing what makes you feel: happy | excited | energetic | smile | joyful | comfortable | enthused.

In this case, back to the basics meant a good ole fashion photo shoot. Combining cute clothes, a great location, a stellar photographer (Tommie Cochrum - check her out!) and...we topped the day off with shots of espresso and bites of chocolate cake. All of this created some sort of joy for me.

But in thinking about it today....this photo shoot meant something wayyy more because it was like taking me back to the basics. It took me back to what I have been familiar with my whole life. Over the past few years, I have really focused (with incredible intention) on my broadcasting work. Now, that is a darn good thing, no doubt! But, I seemingly forgot how much my previous modeling experience and love of dress up played a vital role in shaping my current interests and passions.

Although this is just one (of many!) simple realization that yesterday's photo shoot had on me, I hope to continue to challenge myself (and others, too) to take it back to the basics, back to the blueprints of oneself. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you energetic. Do what makes you feel joy. And life will be a much sweeter place.

Welcome to the (new) blog on I hope you find joy, laughs, encouragement and happiness through my little life adventures. <3

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